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So basically I´ve spent the last 6 weeks studying and ignoring pretty much everything else. Fortunately there´s only one exam left and after that I have the whole September off.

But yeah, so I´ve been studying a lot and my brain just can´t stay focused on one thing all the time, which means that I used the Olympics as a distraction.
When they were over, I turned on my TV to check the news - and the first thing I saw was an update on the US presidential election, telling me that Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his vice president. Then they talked a little about Ryan´s views and take on current issues, saying that he wants to save money (which, yeah, good idea) by increasing taxes (but not for the rich people, of course) and to change the health care system (for example by getting rid of the health care for pensioners).
I had to laugh so hard at that. Then I felt more like crying.

Like, seriously?
I mean, I didn´t bother to check the facts so maybe he´s not as bad as it seems, but I really, really worry about this election. Nobody can seriously think that people like Romney or Ryan are the right choice. This is horrifying and depressing.
And the whole campaigning costs so much money and it´s such a pretentious show, it really sickens me. I have to admit that I don´t always get German politics and there are a lot of things wrong with our system, but I still feel like the American system is even more fucked up.
So I guess I can just hope that the American citizens choose Obama. I don´t want to think about what it would mean for the USA and for every other country in the world if Mitt Romney gets elected as the new president of the United States.

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God save me from bad fanfic. Or better, bad language.

I know, it´s my fault for reading this stuff in the first place. But I generally know what to avoid and which signs to look out for and that mostly works out well for me.

But what all the warnings, summaries and author´s notes in the world can´t save me from are typos and bad grammar.
Seriously, I´m NOT a native speaker - if I notice all those mistakes, how do they feel to everyone else?
It just really annoys me - nobody is perfect and there´s always a typo or an error that you miss. But if I stumble upon one more story with all the commas and apostrophes in the wrong places I´ll just lose it. I read those stories for entertainment and to, you know, improve my English.

It ruins the story even more for me if the plot, the characters and the general writing style are pretty decent - only to be delivered with such horrible typos that it´s not even funny anymore.

I hate it when I discover a new fandom - somehow it seems to be my fate to always stumble upon bad fanfictions at first. I really want my Weiss Kreuz back where I know exactly what high quality to expect from all the awesome writers.
New fandoms can be so tricky.

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Merry Christmas, everyone! And happy holidays!

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YAY I finally have internet access. There´s so much to tell I don´t even know where to start!
First of all - I´ve moved to Dresden, a beautiful city best known for its great architecture (and probably the bombing in WW II).
I didn´t want to move in with someone else (frankly, the idea of a roommate frightens me too much) so I got my own apartment. It´s still part of the dorms and it´s really small, but I have an apartment to myself (unlike my cousin, who shares her bathroom with another girl and the kitchen with 7 other people).
I still have some weeks to get used to the whole living alone thing. I´m doing better than I thought, I was really afraid that I wouldn´t be able to manage everything on my own and get depressed again, but so far everything´s going fine. Doing the shopping for only one person instead of a whole family is still strange and I tend to cook too much, but oh well, I can always just invite my brother or my cousin over since they both also live in Dresden.
University starts in October. Until then we have the opportunity to do some preparing classes in Chemistry, Math and Physics. I don´t really need any of those in order to study Psychology, but it´s still good to get back into the whole learning thing after four months of doing nothing. Chemistry was actually pretty interesting, the Math class will start next week. I´ll skip Physics, though - I HATE Physics.

So, yeah. New city. New apartment. University. New people. It´s all pretty exciting (and exhausting) and I´m still not sure if Psychology was the right choice, but I´m surprisingly happy so far. But I definitely miss my friends and my parents, I´m really glad that I finally have internet access because writing emails is just so much better than calling someone. (It´s also cheaper.)

I´ll probably need the next days to catch up on everything (online-related) that I missed the last weeks. It´s such a good feeling to finally have lj, facebook and twitter again.

School´s out!
I´m finally done with high school. It´s all over and I´m very happy about it!

Last Friday was prom night, although our "prom" is a little different from the American prom, I think. We don´t have things like prom queen and it´s not that glamorous - the most important part is that we get our leaving certificates so that we can apply for college. Oh, and it´s also nice to party with all the high school friends one last time because I don´t know when I will see all of them again.

I was so happy when the principle finally handed me my leaving certificate! All the studying in my Senior year payed off, my exams were great (A+ in English, Math and History, A in German) and therefore I graduated as the best student of my year. That´s so awesome because a) the school gave me 100 euro for that and b) I can study whatever I want, every college/university is probably going to accept me.

On top of that my family got me some really awesome gifts! I finally get my own laptop and they got me an Amazon Kindle which I love to death. Seriously. It´s so awesome that I spend the whole day reading (which is not that unusual...), I can read all the fanfic outside in the garden, I can listen to music, I can even surf the web if I want to, the Kindle is absolutely perfect for me.

Overall I´m really happy right now. I´ve finally decided to study psychology. I´m not 100 percent certain that it is the right choice, but I think I´m one of those person who always have doubts. I think Psychology really suits me and it´s an interesting field of study.

After this summer, everything will be different. Moving to a new city, living on my own, going to college, manage everything myself - it is scary, but I´m also looking forward to it.
Let the new life begin!

In general I don´t celebrate my birthday. But this year was kinda special since I turned 18 which means that I´m allowed to drink, smoke, drive, marry, play the lottery and go to jail. Yay! ^^
But one thing will never change: Those hypocrites called family members who don´t know me at all and who take no interest in me. Maybe they´re just there for the cake, I don´t know. But that´s why I don´t really like celebrating my birthday with all the family. Good thing friends of mine who write short stories were presenting their literature in a public reading that evening, so I had a reason to escape... and it was the first time I actually drove the car by myself and it was very very exciting. I don´t think I will ever get used to the speed on highways, but driving in the town is fine with me.
Unfortunately my birthday was on a Sunday so I coulnd´t really go out that long because school has just started and it´s already annoying and exhausting as hell...

Well, anyway, now I can OFFICIALLY read all these nice smutty adult fanfictions without feeling addressed by all the "no minors!" warnings ^___^

Okay, I usually just use livejournal to keep up with online friends and writers, I don´t really post something here...

But today I´m just so fucking happy that I feel like I have to tell everyone xD
I FINALLY got my driver´s licence. After failing exactly one month ago and after a horrible night without any sleep at all I really managed it. YAY! Okay, that probably doesn´t seem like such a big deal... but in the beginning I was so scared of driving, that´s why I´m so overwhelmed right now =)

Easter holidays...
Yupp, Easter holidays are a great thing. Especially when spent in Vienna... such a wonderful city! And I went to the Emilie Autumn concert on the 4th of April. It was really really fantastic... this woman and her bloody crumpet are the most wonderful, inspiring artists I´ve ever seen. And I got kissed by Captain Maggot (twice!) and by the Naughty Veronica... So great! I just have to go to see Emilie live again. Maybe next time I´ll get a kiss from her, too...
Anyway, Easter was as always. Too much family... but well, that can´t be helped. Now I´m busy learning for my exams and tomorrow my Japanese lessons will start. I´m very excited about that, I´m finally going to learn Japanese! Yay, then I can say more than just "Daijoubu desu ka?" "Arigatou" and "Shine"...

Oh my god, this weather is so nasty! All rainy and stormy and cold...
But fortunately, I´ve got a nice warm appartement, a bottle of white wine and some _really_ great fanfictions to read. I just have to continue Nekojita´s "Shadows"... and I´ve finally the time to watch Weiss Kreuz again, so it´s gonna be a nice evening...


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